Why is this man always smiling?

To sum Eddie up in a few words would be an almost impossible task but attributes such as hardworking,dedicated and an all around nice guy with a great sense of humor, are quite fitting. Eddie is one of the founding members of the Cape Breton Road Runnners Club and has been active in the swimming and running scene in Cape Breton for many years. Eddie,although a long distance swimmer for a large part of his life, didn't take up running until age 42. Since then, he has completed 13 marathons and countless road races. This year he'll be participating in the 13th running of the Cabot Trail Relay and YES, this will be Eddie's 13th Relay!! .How's that for consistancy!!  His trophy room (The Shrine) in the basement of his house with all his memorabilia and trophies is a testament to all he has accomplished.

Eddie enjoys the challenge of a road race and  always looks forward to the possibility of making a few new friends. In the summer months, Eddie starts his day at 6:30 a.m. with a run. Upon returning, he then hops on his bike for a 10 mile ride.  At about 11a.m. you can find Eddie at Tim Horton's chatting up a storm and getting the news of the day. He then goes home for his mid-day nap. Eddie needs a little time to recharge his batteries as he usually goes to the beach for a swim. He later finishes off his day with a game of ball with a few of his friends from the neighborhood. Eddie does this routine approximately 3 times per week. In the winter, he still does his running and believe it or not he hasn't missed a polar bear swim in 27 years! At least once a month he takes a dip in the frigid waters of Polar Bear Beach. During the winter months he always finds time for cross-country skiing and skating as well.  This is quite the achievement for the even  most dedicated and seasoned athlete.  What makes it all that more impressive is Eddie will be a HEALTHY AND HAPPY 71 YEARS OLD on the 25th of this month (March).  Happy birthday ED and thanks for all you contribute to our sport!!!