Ian Doyle finishing the Searle Run For Arthritis 5k in a winning time of 17.11.

Eighteen year old Ian Doyle is another young dedicated runner making Cape Bretoners very proud.  To his credit, Ian has two wins on our local Road Race Circuit.  On April,9th/00 Ian took first spot at the "Searl Run For Arthritis 5km" in a time of 17:11.  On Sat. April29th/00,at the" South Bar Challenge 5 Miler",  Ian challenged and defeated veteran road racer Bill McEachern for first place in a time of 28.38.

Ian believes running should be FUN!!  He believes that if you want to run fast ,you have to train fast.There are a number of people Ian feels have made a major impact on his running career. First on his list are his parents and then you have his training partners, Jeff Manley and Troy Bond.  Troy is also the coach for both of these young Capers!!

Presently, Ian is a grade 12 student enrolled in the IBM Program at Sydney Academy.  Next year he  will be attending Royal Military College. At RMC he will be running both track and cross-country at the CIAU level.  We wish him all the best in the future.

Recently, Ian had a fine showing at the Regionals held in Judique: In the 1500 meters he placed a very close second (4:31:45) to winner Jeff Manley's time of (4:29:84).  Ian won the 5000m event in a time of 17:27.  At the Provincials, held in Oxford, Ian captured 3rd spot in the 1500 meters event with a time of (4:22:??) and he placed 2nd in the 5000m with a (16:44)*PB!!

A list of Ian's most recent PB'S to date are as follows:

        1500 meters:     4:22:?? (00)
        1 mile:              4:51(99)
        5000 meters:     16:44(00)
        5 Miles:            28:38(00)