Jeff, with the red gloves, battles for the lead with Billy MacEachren, during the Y2K Race

Jeff Manley is a very determined, hard working 17 year old who is making a name for himself in running, both  in Cape Breton and mainland Nova Scotia. Currently, Jeff is two for two in our local Race Circuit.  He easily outdistanced a field of 92 runners at the Y2K, 5K race held on January 1st, finishing with a time of 16:49.   In our second race, the Louisburg Slush Run, he  finished minutes ahead of the second place finisher with a time of 30:14.  Not satisfied with his time for this race which was run in difficult conditions (slush, snow and a strong wind), Jeff returned to the course a few days later and completed it in under 30.00 minutes!!  With this kind of determination and focus, Jeff will go far in accomplishing whatever goals he sets for himself.

Jeff attends Riverview Rural High and recently represented his school at the ANS,2000 Provincial Championships held at the Dalplex on 01/29/00. Jeff won the Junvenile Men's  600 meter run in:1:30.4 and he also captured first place in the Mid/Juv.Men's1500 meter run in a time of 4:24.8 which is a personal best for Jeff.

A complete list of Jeff's PB's to date are as follows:200 meters -23.4(98)
                                                                                     400 meters -51.8(99)
                                                                                     800 meters -2.03.9(99)
                                                                                     1500 meters -4.24.8(00)
                                                                                    3000 meters -9.59.6(98)
                                                                                    5000 meters -16.49(00)
                                                                                    1 mile - 4:45(99)
                                                                                    5 miles -29.23(99)

Jeff is presently being coached by Glace Bay native, Troy Bond, an accomplished runner and triathlete himself.