Wayne tackling leg #9 of the Cabot Trail Relay, the infamous North Mountain 17.84km.

Although he's been running for countless years, Wayne believes he didn't start serious training until 1986.  He completed his first Marathon in the fall of 1987, the Halifax Marathon.  Since then,  he's run "17" Marathons and the  #1  highlight was completing the Harvest Valley in a time of 2:57:07. Wayne has run Boston 4 times and in his own words: " It has gotten the best of me all four times so I'm thinking that there will have to be at least a 5th time somewhere down the road.  Sooner or later I would like to get it right." How's that for determination!!

Wayne has been extremely consistent with his running career.  In 1992, Wayne, along with two of his running buddies, decided to run an ultra from St.Peter's to Sydney.  They left the canal at approximately 4:00 a.m. and reached Sydney around mid afternoon. Now that's one long run!  Wayne is one of the few people who can say they have competed in and completed all 13 Cabot Trail Relay Races.  An amazing accomplishment and he plans on keeping this streak going.  His success is partly do to a very smooth running style.  This guy  barely touches the ground.  A very nice runner to watch.

Wayne first got involved in the local running circuit in 1987 partly due to the influence of one Dave Gabriel, a runner and an all around nice guy!!  Wayne believes that he has met all kinds of great people because of his sport and looks forward to meeting more new faces as people take up this activity. Running to Wayne is a very important  component of a healthy lifestyle. He receives a great deal of satisfaction when all of his training has paid off and looks forward to the challenges that a particular race might offer,whether it's preparing for a marathon or getting ready for North Mountain.

Wayne is a strong promoter of running in our local community and would like to see more young people getting involved.  If he's not busy running in a race, chances are he's busy helping out as a volunteer, either doing traffic control, water stops, or time.  No job is too big or too small.  We can't end this profile without mentioning that Wayne is not the only person in the Kerr family who has taken up the sport of running.  His lovely wife Anne has been competing in races for years and is actively involved in promoting running as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Presently,Anne is co-director of the CIBC ,"Run For The Cure", for breast cancer research.  The Run For The Cure is slated for Oct.1st , 2000 in Sydney.  More on Anne and her volunteering when we do her profile.  Stay tuned!!

PR'S     MARATHON- 1993 - HARVEST VALLEY - 2:57:07
                 10 KM        -1993 - MARION BRIDGE 10K - 36:13
                   5 MILES   -1993 - ACTION WEEK FIVE MILER - 29:07