Wendy Mombourquette

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Wendy at the finish of the Lake Ainsley Full and Half- Marathon

Over the past three years, Wendy Mombourquette has been an active participant in our Cape Breton Road Runners Racing Circuit. To date, she usually places in the top 3 of her age category .Wendy has competed in the Cabot Trail Relay three times,  running up and over rugged terrain such North and MacKenzie Mountains. Presently Wendy has her sights on competing in a Triathlon.

Wendy can often be seen running through the streets of Sydney with training partners, Donnie McInnis" who is always ready for a 20 mile training run"...  Peter Hanna" who has been instrumental in getting Wendy involved in the running circuit" and Judy Brufatto..." who has helped bring out the best in Wendy as a competitior".

But this healthy life style was not always the case for Wendy. She has truly gone through a major transformation in the past four years.

 Back in 2000, Wendy was not happy with herself. In April of 2000, she weighed approximately 230 lbs. At her workplace, Wendy became involved in a weight loss incentive program. Over a six month period she lost between 35 and 40 lbs, but this wasn't enough for Wendy. She continued to walk and watch her food intake. Wendy attended aerobic classes three times per week near her Whitney Pier home and started running at the Whitney Pier track. It wasn't easy ....she worked her way up to one lap around the quarter mile track  and was determined to succeed at her goal which was not only to lose some weight but also to be a competitve runner, like her brother, Donnie .
  Since running that first lap, Wendy went on to become an avid runner. On August 9th,2001 she competed  in  her first road race. The" Action Week Five Miler" put on by the one and only Peter Hanna. Wendy tied for 22nd spot, in a time of 44:37. From that  point on there was no stopping Wendy. Now weighing a lean 125lbs, under the watchful eye of Peter Hanna, she continued to train and compete in the local races. With her training team in place, Wendy wanted to try a marathon.... that's right... 26.2 miles and she did just that.!!!

 On September 8th, 2002 Wendy competed in and completed the Lake Anslie Marathon in an amazing time of 3:41:53 qualifying her for the prestigious Boston Marathon.
" I pulled the top of my leg muscle but I just wanted to finish it." said Mombourquette of the 42-km trek around Lake Ainslie.

On April 21st, 2003,  still suffering with the leg injury, Wendy,  along with her running partners, made the trip to Boston and once again she conquered the marathon.

According to Wendy, "a  running  lifestyle" has had a major"POSITIVE"  impact in her life. Prior to her lifestyle change, Wendy would come home from work tired.... in need of a nap... with no energy. Now she is totally different.With energy to spare she is usually out the door for a five mile run.... sometimes she is out the door for a 10 miler with present training buddies Donnie McInnis and Cecil Snow.

Wendy"s story is truly an inspiration to anyone who is interested in embarking on a healthy active lifestyle and needs a little motivation.

Wendy believed in herself, set her standards high and succeeded.

She saw herself differently and became that  image.

Congratulations to Wendy Mombourquette , from her family, who are all extremely proud of her dedication and hard work and from" The Cape Breton Road Runners,"  who are proud to have Wendy as a member of our club.

Keep up the great work!!!